Styla Content in Your Search Results

TLDR: You can include Styla Pages in results provided by search engine running on your website. In order to do that your search engine will need to parse a file provided and updated periodically by Styla.

What is needed:

1. Ask Styla to create a content feed for you

Contact your Customer Success Manager at Styla or simply to create a feed that you will use to synchronise search results from. Provide specs of the format that your search engine needs.

The feed will look like these two examples:

so it will include the following fields:

  • page title
  • page description
  • page link
  • page ID
  • page content
  • page category/type (if applicable, it outputs "styla" in general)
  • page keywords (if applicable)

Styla has done this for search engines like Attraqt, Algolia, FindOLogic, Klevu and can customise the format of the .xml to meet your needs. Such feeds can be created for each Styla account, which means that you can handle search results for each language/locale on your website independently.

2. Set your search engine to crawl and index Styla content from the above file

The file URL will look like this:${clientName}&type=klevu-visual

3. Test it on your stage environment before going live with the update

How to test it:

  • all Styla pages should be included in the search results
  • Styla page content should match the search query
  • Styla content should be displayed/routed to correctly upon clicking a link in search results
  • a newly-published Styla page should appear in search results after one day latest