Styla Magazines

TLDR: Styla Magazines are sets of Pages embedded between header and footer on a single page of your website and serve as a blogging/news update tool. Same as Pages, they are managed by Styla CMS at

Use Cases and Features

Unlike Pages themselves, Magazines consist of several paths that are linked to each other with the navigation module:

  • main feed,
  • story page.
  • category feed,
  • tag feed,
  • search results.

Each of these pages consists of modules, same as any other Styla Page. You can create any other page and link to it from the navigation menu too.

Stories are a special type of Pages that can be assigned categories and tags and will therefore appear in the main magazine feed and in category and tag feeds. You create these feeds by simply setting filtering by category or tag in a magazine module.

Magazines retain all the features mentioned on the page about Styla Pages and offer you some more:

  • Styla layouting engine automatically chooses the best way to present a story content you create in the feed and updates its appearance.
  • Unlike any traditional blogging app, they let you use products in your content.
  • Unlike any traditional blogging app, they let you change any page with dragging and dropping of a specific module. Both Story and Feed pages are flexiible in terms of strucure.
  • They can be embedded as a single module/widget with a set number of most recent posts from a given category or with a given tag.
  • Magazine feeds can be ued as a module on any other Styla page.


Integration of Magazines on your website consists of the same four stepts listed on the page about Styla Pages. It is exactly the same process that lets you use both Pages and Magazines on your website.