Organisation Manager Product Configuration

In the organization manager it's possible to setup product data for a domain within the “product” attribute in the domain configuration.

Name: Description: Optional: Default Value:
domain Full domain to the shop server
categories Pathname to the categories endpoint
products Pathname to the product search endpoint
product Pathname to the product details endpoint
parser Name of the used parser Default
staticProductsParams Static parameter for product search endpoint
staticProductParams Static parameter for product details endpoint
pagination Pagination false will handle the offset parameter with items e.g. offset=0 -> offset=20 (for length 20) if true it will be per page e.g. offset=0 -> offset=1 false
paginationOffset Provided number will be added to the offset value 0
query Allows to remap offset, limit and search parameters { "offset": "page", "limit": "limit", "search": "search" }
mapping Allows to remap categories result
gzip Boolean if the request is gzipped false
oauth OAuth configuration: consumer_key, consumer_secret, token_key, token_secret
headers Object with additional request headers

Within a domain configuration the product data can be set up:

Example configuration

Example Configurations

In this section we list example configurations for common shop systems which can be copied over. The domain always needs to point to the shopserver.

Big Commerce

Please contact the styla CSM with your big commerce domain to retrieve the domain which works as a proxy with the authorization header. These are mandatory for the setup.

    "product": {
        "domain": "...",
        "categories": "/categories",
        "products": "/products",
        "product": "/products",
        "staticProductsParams": "?category=",
        "staticProductParams": "?id=",
        "parser": "BigCommerce",
        "gzip": true,
        "query": {
            "offset": "offset",
            "limit": "limit",
            "search": "search"
        "mapping": {
            "priceTemplate": "#\{price\} €"
        "headers": {
            "Authorization": "..."